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In which I attempt to copy another posting style

It was only recently I discovered that there was an additional 14th episode of Kannagi that was released DVD only.  Since I don't live in Japan, there's no way for me to lay my grubby mitts on a copy, but thanks to the Internet powers that be (aka Youtube), I got to watch the episode in its entirety (woohoo!).

At first I thought, "Well why wasn't this episode broadcast with the rest of the shows?  Did they have this finished before or after the first season's run?  Did they cut it because of what happened to Takenashi Eri?"  So many questions and not a single one answered…

Overall the show was mostly fun to watch.  It's not as epic as the legendary tenth episode, nor does it catch up with the main story after the thirteenth.  What it does have, are additional gags and fan service to both male and (surprisingly) female viewers.  Can you say half nekkid Daitetsu? 

There was also a little hat tip toward the first episode of Haruhi lol!  Good stuffs!

Hopefully this sets up a second season down the pipe.  I would definitely support it if the powers-that-be allowed it!  Please!


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Another nendoroid figure is on the way!?  This time it's Zange-chan from Kannagi, with her trademark sign!  That's so awesome looking, haha!  I better start saving up money for it…

The kadokawa anime channel over at youtube recently put up episode 2 for the Melancholy of Haruhi-chan and Nyoron Churuya-san really quickly!  I remembered just watching episode 1 just a few days ago (it's already been taken down, I think).  Using a pseudo 3D on 2D style was a pretty nifty idea on their part, since it probably helps them pump out episodes much quicker.

The latest episode was much more entertaining than the previous, thank goodness.  I was worried they might've lost the charm from the original 4komas.  I especially loved Nagato-chi playing an eroge!  That was totally unexpected — so awesome!

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Lucky Star cast appears in Kannagi and whoa…idea time!

Kannagi: Crazy Shrine Maidens ranks up there as one of the best anime shows this season, alongside my other favorite, ToraDora!  Kannagi is attracting a lot of attention lately, although mostly because of all the uproar in the news about the manga-ka unexpectedly going on indefinite hiatus and "other" reasons (see: otaku upset over virginity issue).  Still though, the show is genuinely funny and creative.

One thing that's really impressive about the show are all the cameo appearances.  Take for example the latest episode in which the cast decides to go sing karaoke: it begins with the camera standing motionless outside a closed door, and voices can be heard from the other side.  The door itself is a familiar brown, with plain-colored walls.  Familiar fans will recognize these details as a parody of the memorable ending sequence of another show featuring four high school girls.  Later down the line, you get to see the meeting between the two, leading to head asplosions in households everywhere.

Fan reactions were pretty favorable; who would have known these two shows had anything in common?  It's pretty uncommon for shows that (at first glance) don't have anything in common to share the spotlight.  But then again, parodies have been on the rise in all kinds of circles, from gaming to television to comic books.

Why aren't there more of them?


An idea sparked in my mind (feel free to credit it to me later) as I started to grasp this new concept.  What if…there were two shows…that appeared to have nothing in common at the outset?  What if the actions in one show started cropping up and indirectly affecting the other?  Still following me? 

And what if near, oh…let's say…the climax of the show, they both merge and become a single entity, culminating in a new kind of show that started out as two different shows, but in the end provided an experience the user sees from two different viewpoints?  Would it be interesting at all?  Would you want to watch it? 

I would want to watch it, for sure.  Perhaps I'll cling on to this idea for later down the road…

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