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Thank SNK Playmore for ambiguous trailers

ReXXXSoprano was kind enough to rip the intro trailer from Game Watch Impress article, so big thanks to him for uploading it to youtube.  Somehow, people spotted Hwa Jai, K’, Whip / Kula during  the 0:12 and 0:14 timestamp. (I didn’t even blink and yet I missed it).

Here’s a snapshot of the characters in question:

Could this be the long rumored Whip?  Or is it Kula?  Or an entirely new character??

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Initial Impressions for KoF XIII

Had a bit more time looking up King of Fighters XIII now, and from so far it's looking pretty positive. 

To be brief, I don't like how the sprites are now 1/2 the size of the screen.  I was pretty smitten with the large, zoomed-in look from XII, but it's not a game breaker — it gives it an old classic feel, which is fine.  Gameplay still looks as fast as ever, and each character appeared to be back to their old incarnation (Elizabeth and Mature are now a complete characters again).

CD moves are a thing of the past now.  No more charged unblockable shenanigans anymore.  So are critical counters (thank god), and that awful counter system. 

Max Mode is a bit confusing for non-King of Fighters players, but in a nutshell it means you can cancel a special into another special, usually on specific frames only.  This enables larger, more advanced combos and allows you access to your strongest attack: the hyper desperation move.  Just imagine the damage you can dish out by cancelling one super into another.

A lot of the new female characters seem to be lacking some range with their normals, but their special attacks overcompensate for that.  King has an air fireball, Yuri get's double air fireballs a la Akuma, and Mai gets incredibly fast special moves. 

King by the way, is now the new broken top tier.  Her regular DM has a bug that freezes you in place.  Godlike.

I feel bad for SNK.  They have perhaps the worst fans out of all the fighting game franchises, ever.  It's their fault too, for pigeonholing themselves into that spot by giving and taking away a lot of niche characters.  First the fans bitched and moaned about how Mai isn't in the game.  Now that she is, more people are complaining about Tendo Gai not being in the game.  Really now?  Really?

King of Fighters has always been about change.  Well except for Athena this time around.  She didn't get a new costume this year (sadface).

Lastly, some rumors and hearsay on the net:

  • Ignition might not be working with SNK Playmore on a (possible) console port.  It's a shame, considering that Shane Bettenhausen tried as hard as he could to convince the top brass that fans wanted better netcode, which never came to fruition.
  • This will be the end of the Ash story arc, which has been running for roughly seven years.  Story mode, here we come!
  • The new characters are rumoured to be these three.  The one in the middle is Botan, from KoF 2003.  They might even be the bosses for all we know.

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Having trouble beating up your friends?

[KOF XII] KOFUNION KOFXII Combo Music Video ( Vol.1 )

Beat them in style in King of Fighers XIi with these wicked Critical Counter combos.  You might spend a few hours grinding your thumb into hamburger, but your efforts will be rewarded when your friends freak out when they get the beat down.

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King of Fighters XII: First Impressions

RIght now as I'm typing this up, I'm over watching some friends play the latest incarnation of King of Fighters and boy oh boy does it look nice. 

It's pretty breathtaking to watch, although nothing is ever without a few faults — I'll get into that later.  Right now, let's just focus on what works with King of Fighters — namely the graphics and controls. 

Out of all the previous versions, King of Fighters truly does play like a new beast.  Critical Counters play a huge part in the gameplay, setting the stage for more advance strategies and wake-ups never before seen in previous games.  Executing combos are brain dead easy, all you need to do is mash a button to keep the counter rising (Street Fighter Alpha anyone?).  The downside is that damage you dish out gradually lowers, so the best strategy is to do the maximum amount of damage in the fewest amount of hits possible.

Graphics-wise, King of Fighters looks amazing…from a distance.  Up close you can clearly see the jaggy pixels, but considering the frenzied pace of the game it won't matter much.  All of the characters look vibrant and fluid, much more than the older, blocky sprites of games past.

I want to say that King of Fighters XII feels less fluid than Street Fighter IV.  The worst moments occur when you're trying to move about the stage (which feels clunky sometimes — odd for a fighting game).  You can't quick-fall like you're supposed to.  The game encourages you to think carefully about your actions.  This isn't the fast paced fighter that King of Fighters XII was.

At any rate, let's watch some match videos shall we?  Perhaps that'll give you a better overall impression for how this game runs:

「HD」Devastation 2009 KoF XII Casuals L

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Two Console Characters for KOF XII Announced

Not for the arcade release, but exclusive to the home port only (until that patch for the arcades comes out later this year).  I thought Mature died at the hands of Iori Yagami, but I guess that's not the case?  Either way, looks like she didn't escape unscathed, judging by the looks of her eyepatch and lack of hair (lol).  As for Elisabeth, she should've been in the arcade release from the get-go. 

I mean come on, she was part of the main storyline in the last incarnation! 

At any rate, only time will tell who else will be announced for the home console.  My money's on K's team (K', Maxima, Kula and / or Whip), Mai, and Geese.  Hopefully other popular characters will grace the roster, such as Angel, Mariko, Vice, Blue Mary…oh wait, I'm just naming off female characters…

Only time will tell!

Source: Arcade Renaissance
King of Fighter's Total Roster (really long list)

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Gettin’ ready for King of Fighters XII?

Can't seem to get Street Fighter out of your system?  Never played King of Fighters before?  Well some talented soul has compiled a small (yet very impressive) beginner tutorial covering the basics for new players.  Learn about the different levels of jumping, basic poke skills, and how to defend against aggressive play.  There's two parts, with a third on the way soon hopefully.

Dig in and learn up!  For more in depth information, you can check out the SRK thread on all system and character related data.  Neogaf has a good introductory thread as well.

The Beginner’s Incomplete Guide to KOF (Part 1)

The Beginner’s Incomplete Guide to KOF (Part 2)

Props to DandyDLC for making this excellent guide

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Some fighting news and…a trailer!

Tekken 6: Editors Day 09 Trailer

I'm still hoping that the opening cinematic trailer gets released soon for Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion.  They're usually pretty breathtaking.  And since this'll be the first "real" debut onto the next-gen consoles, I'm expecting some high calibur stuff to come along. 

This'll do I suppose.  It's kinda cool to see all the weird angles and junk…maybe they'll implement that into the replay system a la Soul Calibur.

There's also news about Tekken 6 coming to the Wii.  There's already an online petition out there, so if you're a Wii owner and want a 1080P game on your 480P system, sign up.  Personally I don't think it'd be worth it, but that's just my opinion.

Lastly, the editor over at the versuscity blog broke his promise and reported some really juicy news over his golden week holiday (which is always welcome!).  Apparently there's going to be a BlazBlue 2 coming in the fall — it's not a sequel but instead some form of expansion with extra characters.  There's also word of a new arcade release for King of Fighters XII that will include the console characters at the end of 2009.

That's interesting, because there's only been rumors and speculation on which characters are coming (K' and Mai Shiranui are supposedly coming to the console port).  Only time will tell.

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