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Having trouble beating up your friends?

[KOF XII] KOFUNION KOFXII Combo Music Video ( Vol.1 )

Beat them in style in King of Fighers XIi with these wicked Critical Counter combos.  You might spend a few hours grinding your thumb into hamburger, but your efforts will be rewarded when your friends freak out when they get the beat down.

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Two Console Characters for KOF XII Announced

Not for the arcade release, but exclusive to the home port only (until that patch for the arcades comes out later this year).  I thought Mature died at the hands of Iori Yagami, but I guess that's not the case?  Either way, looks like she didn't escape unscathed, judging by the looks of her eyepatch and lack of hair (lol).  As for Elisabeth, she should've been in the arcade release from the get-go. 

I mean come on, she was part of the main storyline in the last incarnation! 

At any rate, only time will tell who else will be announced for the home console.  My money's on K's team (K', Maxima, Kula and / or Whip), Mai, and Geese.  Hopefully other popular characters will grace the roster, such as Angel, Mariko, Vice, Blue Mary…oh wait, I'm just naming off female characters…

Only time will tell!

Source: Arcade Renaissance
King of Fighter's Total Roster (really long list)

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First King of Fighters XII gameplay vid hits youtube

King of Fighters 12: First Gameplay

Thanks to Andy and Cuong for the heads up!

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