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OMG, 8-Bit Megaman in 3D is awesome!

There's an alpha version but not much else!  Credit goes out to the guys on bitmob who linked this — it's freaking amazing!  A Megaman FPS in the world of Doom is better than nothing, if you ask me!  Maybe Capcom will pick this up and turn it into a real next-gen port?  I'll cross my fingers every night until it happens (lol)

Source: bitmob
Official link and extra goodies can be found here

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Mockman — Not just another guy in blue tights

Tired of the 2D life, Mockman vamps up into a new generation: 3D.  Although, this isn't the 3D you might've been thinking of, oh no — this is the real life adventure of Mockman!  Just don't mind the blue baseball hat or the funky blue underwear wrapped around his skin-tight baby blue bodysuit!  いやぁぁ、いろいろ大変っすねロックマンはww

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Japanese guy makes Airman, succeeds

Probably the most coolest thing I have ever witnessed. A full blown video from start to finish showing the creation of Airman. Genious ensues.

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