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Back to business

I'm starting to get over my jetlag.  I can actually function at work now!  I used to fall asleep nearly every hour, but now its more like every other hour.  Its a small step, but its gradually getting better.

This morning I was bit by the writing bug from this really cool dream I had.  But now I forgot what it was about.  As soon as I woke up, I tried to write whatever I could remember, but it ended in vain…

That could've been my ticket to Hollywood.

This week marks the release of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. A few of my friends are going to get their copy at midnight.  I'm sure alot of people are going to be standing in wait for this one.  I wonder how many hardcore fans started wearing a mustache in honor of the event?  I'm a pretty big fan of MGS4, but my finances aren't enough to go out and buy a PS3 bundle pack, so I'll probably end up watching my friends play it.  Sad.

I also found out (albeit really, really late apparently) about this Metal Gear Solid 4 flash game.  For the moment this will have to satisfy my craving until I'm actually able to buy the game.   Woe is me.

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Real-Life Metal Gear?

video from

I saw this a few days ago when I was surfing around Kotaku.  They linked to a story on about a real-life analysis of GlaDOS from Portal (a really interesting viewpoint) and how she's Still Alive.  It was pretty cool, until I noticed the previous post: Real Life Metal Gear

In the blog post, they showed a clip of a machine that moved on four legs similar to the giant "mooing cow walkers" in the MGS4 trailer last year.  Let me just say, this clip is eerily similar.  Despite its small size, its very conceivable that such a machine really could be built in the near or present future.  And that mooing sound?  Well if that small quad ped robot could make that loud annoying motor sound, then that large "mooing" could just be its motor, as the post explains.  Not too far-fetched…

After watching this, I'm convinced even further robots are going to take over the world.  Refer: Spider Mech, Scary robots

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Apparently “Smash Bros. Brawl” wasn’t the first fighter Snake was in…

Solid Snake in "Dream Mix TV: World Fighters"

Did anyone else hear about this game?  Holy crap…a Konami and Hudson collaboration project!  The original website can be found here.

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20th Anniversary Metal Gear Special

Metal Gear Solid Saga

Worth watching to catch up to the events leading up to MGS4.

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