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GS Wonderland

I love music.  Musical documentaries?  Not so much.  Don't get me wrong, I mean, I did enjoy School of Rock (which is sort of a documentary, but hilariously rendered), but as far as flicks like The Doors and This is Spinal Tap, they really didn't do much for me. 

One movie I did enjoy was Linda Linda Linda, with its quirky narrative and choppy, subtly abrupt editing.  The characters themselves were endearing, as you got to watch them form their band from start to finish, ending with a live performance that culminates their collective thoughts, dreams, and efforts.  It was one of those films that combined that "growing up" aspect while keeping the story clearly focused on the music, like a how-to guide on starting your own band.

Now comes this quirky, 60's infused, Beatles-inspired Japanese movie GS Wonderland, starring Chiaki Kuriyama (of Kill Bill fame) in a movie recounting the era of the Group Sounds (GS for short) phenomenon that overtook Japan.  According to, the movie's soundtrack is being composed by actual musicians from the era, which was a great idea to keep it realistic.  The premise alone will probably be an instant-sell to fans of the era and movie / music enthusiasts alike.  I guess another dip into this genre might change my mind…

Judge it for yourself, and watch the trailer from

Full Trailer For GS WONDERLAND

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Akira makes its Hollywood revivial

With the upcoming remake of Speed Racer and Dragon Ball, it seems Hollywood isn't satisfied enough and have decided to unleash Akira upon us.  Warner Bros. Studios and Leonardo DiCaprio have both joined hands in the money pot and are preparing an American version of the cult classic original.

The story will not take place in Neo Tokyo, but instead in New Manhattan (another Japanese movie in New York…sigh).  The movie is slated to be in split into two parts, with the first debuting in summer 2009.  Ruairi Robinson (director of Silent City) will take the helm, and Otomo-San himself will be the executive producer.  Cross your fingers.

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Post Cloverfield impressions.

I haven't read any reviews to keep my expectations of the film fresh, so hopefully this tiny review will come across well for anyone who reads this.  First of all, J. J. Abrams deserves praise for his insanely viral ad campaign that lead up to this moment.  Cheers, mate.  Also, some of the things in this blog might be considered spoilers, so please be aware.

Its been roughly 5 hours since I walked out of the theater with my friends, and this movie is still on my mind.  Although the entire film is shot in a Blair Witch-style documentary, Abrams takes that concept a bit further with the idea that the documentary accidentally taped over another documentary, which creates a unique approach to traditional Hollywood-style editing.  Alot of the roller coaster moments were spaced evenly with occasional flashes to another sub-story; a nice touch that didn't feel like it became a constant crutch the movie needed to fall on.

The monster.  While there were a few points in the movie I felt really skeptical about, the monster left a huge impression.  Until the final moments near the end of the movie, each time the beast appears its almost like you have to make an effort to not lose sight of it.  Its not silly looking or over-the-top, but it has just enough presence to command your attention each time it appears.  I will say that it could probably give Godzilla a good run for his money, if there was ever a one-on-one death match.

Points of contention.  This is a horror movie, with alot of suspense and drama mixed in.  I was hoping Cloverfield wouldn't run into those typical horror movie cliches, like orientationally-impaired tweeners or loud noises whenever something scary is about to appear.  This movie kind of did that.  For example: I know I play alot of Silent Hill (which I don't think any of the characters ever played, which probably would've helped alot), but whenever I'm in a live-or-die situation, I think it'd be pretty handy to have some type of weapon to protect myself.  Unfortunately, they didn't think much about that probably.  Its not a big deal, but its still something I just can't comprehend in these types of movies.

Final impression.  Overall, this movie really did live up to the hype.  Its 100% unique, and quite unlike anything I've seen in a long while.  A definite recommendation to movie-buffs and people who've been bombarded by the hype machine Abrams has created.  Don't, however, spoil yourself before you watch this movie.  Thats only going to give you a slanted impression; one which you are not going to be able to shake off easily if you haven't seen the movie yet.

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Be careful if you download Lust, Caution

According to a source from Reuters, anyone attempting to download Ang Lee's latest film Lust, Caution (chinese title: Se, Jie) can potentially contract a virus.  While this may only be around China, its highly likely that someone trying to torrent could risk a possible infection.

Ang Lee's new 2 1/2 hour spy thriller is set in WWII.  Its a story about a groupe of college students plotting an assassination attempt on a Japanese collaborator.  Young Wang Jiazhi (newcomer Wei Tang) engages in a deep relationship with Mr. Yee (renowned actor Tony Leung) full of twists and erotic intrigue.

As expected of the title, there's a large commotion about the nasty bits in the movie.  The Chinese version censored about 7 minutes from the movie, while the Singapore and Taiwanese version remained intact.

Beware if you try to download the title…there are limited releases nationwide here in the states, but retailers are skeptical about any further developments.

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