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Anime music coming to iTunes

Anime News Network reports that Bandai Namco is preparing to release anime songs onto Apple's popular iTunes music store with songs from Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu and Lucky Star, as well as JAM Project and other artists.  While not a new thing, it certainly marks an interesting precedent for Anime moving along into the mainstream conscious.  Perhaps it has a bit to do with Hollywood's latest movement into anime re-adaptations?

Anime can already be found on iTunes — a few searches through the podcast section and you can find tons of people willing to share their favorite songs and playlists. 

In related news, Exit Trance recently released their newest album SPEED アニメトランス BEST 7 on iTunes and  I'm not particularly a fan of trance music, but they do have a variety of music from popular animes such as Zamd and (my personal favorite OP track) Rideback.  Here's a sample:

[ EXIT TRANCE ] PRESENTS SPEED アニメトランス BEST 7 – Don’t Say ‘Lazy’

It's…loud.  I can't say if it's better than the original ED theme, but hey, maybe someone out there will love it.

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GS Wonderland

I love music.  Musical documentaries?  Not so much.  Don't get me wrong, I mean, I did enjoy School of Rock (which is sort of a documentary, but hilariously rendered), but as far as flicks like The Doors and This is Spinal Tap, they really didn't do much for me. 

One movie I did enjoy was Linda Linda Linda, with its quirky narrative and choppy, subtly abrupt editing.  The characters themselves were endearing, as you got to watch them form their band from start to finish, ending with a live performance that culminates their collective thoughts, dreams, and efforts.  It was one of those films that combined that "growing up" aspect while keeping the story clearly focused on the music, like a how-to guide on starting your own band.

Now comes this quirky, 60's infused, Beatles-inspired Japanese movie GS Wonderland, starring Chiaki Kuriyama (of Kill Bill fame) in a movie recounting the era of the Group Sounds (GS for short) phenomenon that overtook Japan.  According to, the movie's soundtrack is being composed by actual musicians from the era, which was a great idea to keep it realistic.  The premise alone will probably be an instant-sell to fans of the era and movie / music enthusiasts alike.  I guess another dip into this genre might change my mind…

Judge it for yourself, and watch the trailer from

Full Trailer For GS WONDERLAND

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Net Radio for Anime

I stumbled on this website by accident late last night, and to be honest, I'm really glad I did.  If you're not a fan of net radio, you might be amused by this particular site because they host shows from a large variety of animes such as Bamboo Blade, Hayate no Gotoku, and School Days.

If you do decide to listen, prepare to hear around 30 minutes of pure seiyuu chat, quips, and perhaps even special corners that you'll probably won't find anywhere else.  You can have a listen over here.

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Read: RIAA speaks

Sorry I don't have any funny graphics to put up for this particular post, but please allow me to humour you with this story. 

I recently listened to the most interesting TWiT (This week in Tech) yet with Leo and the gang, and during the netcast Don Reisinger from The Digital Home at CNET spoke about his recent interview with a representative from the RIAA about their questionable actions for this year of 2008.

A small article was released on Monday, and the original transcript of Mr. Reisinger's questions will be out on Tuesday, hopefully.  It is worth the read, as it enlightened me about what the RIAA thinks of its actions, of their dispute with universities and the college students in them, and about music piracy. 

You can check out Don Reisinger's page here.

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Nellie McKay is refreshing.

Just recently heard her interview on Monday's Fresh Air with Terry Gross, and it was love at first listen.  Her voice is so low and seductive, how could anyone not fall in love, lol.

Probably the coolest thing I love is her comedic sense in her songwriting, as well as her unmistakable ukelele (kinda reminds me of Oliver Brown, another ukelele musician).  I don't know what it is about the ukelele and its mystical powers…

I'm probably not doing her enough justice with my weak writing skills, haha.  Here's a clip of my favorite performance so far:

Nellie McKay performing "Mother of Pearl" 😀

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A personal favorite


I must say, I really owe my friend Zack for introducing me to AYA's music.  Its edgy, grunge-style of music reminds me of 90's alternative rock bands like Nirvana and Soundgarden. 

Her music is deceptively tame, but there are few ballads that pull you by the ears into a dark enclosed room with loudspeakers blaring all around you.  I highly recommend a listen.  You might get hooked too.


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