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From Next-Gen phones to WiiWare

In Case You Missed It…

Hey guys!  Just a quick post to end the week.  There was lots of funny stuff that happened over the week, so in case you missed you it, here are…

Interesting links from the week:
Kugimiya Rie does voices for "Bubble Wrap" toy
Bizarre Nintendo Wii patents

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A great week for gamers!

CES is probably one of the hugest events for geeks around the nation, and its only fitting that games were also in the mix this week.  Apart from ginormous plasma tv's, pimpin car systems, and the Blu-Ray / HD DVD war, there was a megaton amount of news that poured out. 

One of the first crazy announcements was the appearance of Star Wars in the upcoming Soul Calibur 4.  Darth Vader and Yoda made an unannounced romp into the latest trailer at  Props to Cuong for giving the heads up!

Also, someone on neogaf posted a famitsu screen shot of an upcoming new character for Street Fighter 4.  No news on what she can do, but her name is Crimson Viper, and she looks like someone out of No More Heroes, lol.

Finally, for all of you Super Smash Bros. Brawl fans out there, a new character has been revealed by the name of Pikmin, haha.  From the early screenshots, it looks similar to how the Pokemon Trainer character plays.  Also, Solid Snake's Final Smash has been added, although it looks a little iffy, if you ask me…

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The Anime Industry’s 2nd Phase

Gonzo Studio has become one of the first Japanese animation companies to actively upload new shows online.  According to an article on ANN, Dreamboat's Skeedcast P2P distribution is working in conjunction with G.D.H. (parent company of Gonzo) to spread a few of their shows for a limited one year deal.

You can watch DRM copyrighted SpeedGrapher for roughly $9 US dollars per 30 minute show.  Compare this to a single DVD with four episodes, for a price of $30 US dollars, and its a slightly cheaper deal (the box set is still the better deal, considering you can get them cheap online).

Other companies are jumping on to the bandwagon, such as posting subtitled episodes of Gurren Lagann, AirGear, and Saiyuki online, and Vuze Networks with Neko Rahmen (huh?) and Voltron (zomg!).  You can even download the Veoh Player and download anime that way.  I've toyed with it a few days, and they usually have most of the popular fansubs (with an average d/l time of roughly 20~25 minutes).

Wonder whats gonna happen next if this is a success…

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