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I only lasted 43 seconds before I completely lost it

The music matches the ridiculousness so well, I gotta admit.  Dave Chappelle was right though — everything looks better in slow motion!

Oh and, does anyone know the music in this video?  I'm pretty sure it's Nujabes, although I could be wrong on a monumental scale.

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Words can’t describe this video.

Seriously, just watch until the end — I know it doesn't make sense at the beginning, but trust me it's freaking awesome!

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Funny bugs in games

Let me share one of my guilty pleasures…

Back in the day when Street Fighter EX was on the PSX console, I used to watch the computer battle itself in exhibition mode. I'd even run imaginary tournaments using that system…real dorky of me I know. That lead me to MUGEN. I tried it out, but, unfortunately it was too difficult for me to figure out how to work it.

But about a year ago I stumbled onto this (now hugely popular on Nico Douga) MUGEN tournament series of videos that features characters from all sorts of fighting games battle it out in team vs team, King of Fighter's style no-holds-barred brawl. The catch is, there's no one playing it — it's the computer fighting the computer set on super hard difficulty. They pull off some pretty amazing (and sometimes really funny) matches! Some of the stuff happening won't make sense unless you're pretty hardcore about fighting games but if you're like me, I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy the sheer randomness.

At the end of every video there's always a "boss fight" where an entire team tries to take on some of the most insane, cheapest characters ever. Really funny stuff!

This is the latest video to grace Nico Douga. If you want to watch the tournament from the beginning, you can catch it here (you'll need an account though).

Just a word of notice: if you decide to watch the videos from start to finish, be prepared for a major time sink…

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This is freaking unbelievable.

I always knew about the broken stages in Mario Kart 64 and how it was possible to "game the system" into thinking you did a full lap (when you didn't), but not in Super Mario Kart! At least, not this easily!  The cheats this guy or gal does in this video is nothing short of pure shenanigans.

God-like handling coupled with pin-point precision…you will laugh, you will cry, you will tear your hair out in confusion.  Is this seriously for real? I get the sneaking suspicion of foul play, but there's gotta be a method to the madness…

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Touhou / WiiFit Parody

Some clever soul made this funny parody of a famous Touhou video made by IOSYS. I didn't know the WiiFit lady had it this hard!

The original:


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Do you know Billy Herrington?

What started as an internet meme has grown into a full-blown social phenomenon — Billy Herrington a.k.a. "Aniki" is here and will forever be emblazened upon our hearts.  He addressed his fans over the popular Nico Nico Douga website in a address echoing in the footsteps of our own American President (it's already gotten over 100,000 clicks as of this post!). 

Not only did the popular bisexual actor travel across to Japan, he did several interviews and held a meetup for his fans this valentine weekend.

That's not the only thing Aniki has accomplished.  He received his own special figure in the illustrious Good Smile Company's figma lineup during their event today. If there ever was a sure sign of success, Aniki has surely crossed it into the hall of fame with other famous celebrities such as Saber, Suzumiya Haruhi, and Lelouch.

I won't go into details about Aniki's professional career here; curious minds can check out the actor's wiki page to find out more information. For pictures of the event, check out the links below.

Billy Herrington's meetup event in Tokyo, Japan

Additional photos for the Figma here

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