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Dear God…

Item Abuse TAS

And just when I thought I had seen the end all of speed runs, now comes along this…

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Words can’t describe this video.

Seriously, just watch until the end — I know it doesn't make sense at the beginning, but trust me it's freaking awesome!

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Old School Super Famicom Controller brings back sweet memories

NintendoWiiFanboy linked to this article about Japanese Nintendo Club Nintendo subscribers being able to buy these sweet old school famicom controllers.  Enjoy these images now, because this will probably be the closest we'll get to seeing anything remotely near it (aside from a real SNES controller) outside of Japan.  One curious thing though, is that there's no analog function anywhere in sight, so its probably safe to assume you probably won't be able to use this with Wii-compatible games.  Maybe the Wii-mote will take over that function…?

You can check out more images here at the original link.

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Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past scans

Most of these are from the original Nintendo Power guide (the very first one!) for The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.  Glad I still have it!  I wonder how much this book would go for on eBay…?

History section.Light world section.Dark world.Another special appendage in the strategy guide.Special Appendage in the strategy guide.Culture of Hyrule.Link vs Shadow Link.Zelda calls for help.  Apparently, any ol' body will do.Link's uncle sets out to save the day.  Little did he know...Frantic, Link rushes out into the darkness, despite his uncles warning.Link stumbles upon his uncle, in the underground tunnels of Hyrule castle.History of Hyrule.

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Another modded Mario game!

Play Mario with your hand using motion capture!

Unbelievable…I have no idea how this guy did it, but apparently he's able to play the original NES game using his hand to guide Mario through the level.  Check it out at 2:15, where he tries to beat level 1-1 with 100 Marios, lol!

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Hacked Super Mario punishment game


Amazingly reproduced…even more scarier than the NES version!  Or that remade cheetahmen-style game, lol!

*UPDATED*  this guy is insane at this!

自作の改造マリオを友人に(ry 全クリTAS 

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Play this game…I dare you…

I lol'ed really hard when Andy and Cuong showed this game to me.  We first watched a video of it, (no clue where they got it from) but Cuong gave me a link to the original japanese site where you can actually play the game!

Its incredibly funny and challenging to play.  Its almost like a puzzle game more than anything.  Even funnier is that the theme from Cheetahmen II plays throughout the entire thing.

Also, Shabby posted this hilariously frustrating classic Mario game a while ago thats really similar to this one.  Give it a look 🙂

By the way…apparently that Cheetahmen song is HUGE all over youtube.  There's a bunch of crazy remixes of that theme.  Here's a few:

Orchestra Version

Electro Remix

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