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Real-Life Hurricane Kick

Daniel Graham Hurricane Kick

Somebody sign this guy up for a new Street Fighter movie.

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Match Analysis: FZ vs かっきゅん

Seeing the rise in popularity of Crimson Viper in Street Fighter IV, I thought I'd post a quick example of high-level gameplay from top Japanese players.  FZ is considered the best C. Viper player before the arrival of Dashio.  FZ was also widely known to have the most BP (Battle Points) last year over any other C. Viper user.

かっきゅん(Kaqn for short) on the other hand is another well known and respected Viper player.  He has a strong background from playing Guilty Gear.  He plays Ryu in this video.

Let's take a look at the statistics for each character in this match up:

C. Viper:

  • Strong keep-out and rush game
  • One of the few characters able to feint attacks
  • Seismo Hammer (f,d,df+P) can hit long distance
  • Highly damaging combos
  • Air HK and Burning Kick (d, db, b+K) provide cross-up potential
  • Burning Kick can go over most standing and crouching attacks
  • Has the lowest stamina of all the cast members


  • Hadouken helps control distance in front
  • cr. Forward has excellent range, and forces the opponent to block low
  • Reliable anti-air (Shoryuken)
  • Shoryuken can combo into Ultra Move easily, providing quick damage
  • Average stamina

As you can see, C. Viper on paper has a better time controlling the field than Ryu, and she's much more versatile in her approach.  The only drawback is that she takes more damage, so she has to approach carefully and avoid being hit too much.  C. Viper also can also negate Ryu's fireball in many different ways, limiting his long distance advantage over the field. 

This will be a difficult match, but there are enough variables to swing the match in either player's favor.  Don't forget though, that both players are experienced C. Viper users, so both are largely aware of their strength's and weaknesses.

Round One

FZ rushes in against Kaqn, using cr forward attacks into thunder knuckle (d, db, b+P) to pressure.  FZ also uses multiple seismo cancels to force Kaqn to be more defensive.  Perhaps luckily enough, FZ defeats Kaqn's focus attack with an air hk into burning kick (remember, focus attacks can only absorb one hit).  Kaqn continues using focus attacks to change the match in his favor, but to no avail.  Neither party is able to land a single combo, and the match ends with FZ's impressive air game. Round one: FZ.

Round Two

Kaqn turns the tide by using well timed fireballs and a more offensive approach.  He lands the first combo.  Using shoryuken into ex fireball proves effective, piling on additional damage.  FZ is unable to successfully approach Kaqn, nor keep him at bay.  Kaqn takes control of the momentum by waiting for FZ to land next to him, and then takes initiative by using short jabs linked into combos.  Round two: Kaqn.

Round Three

FZ starts employing more air burning kicks to keep Kaqn at bay, which works effectively well.  FZ also starts spacing out Kaqn while mixing in throws to keep him guessing.  It's a total keep away strategy now.  Kaqn lands a successful shoryuken into ultra @2:22, but it's not enough and FZ lands a well timed seismo rush for a chip damage win.  Round three: FZ.

Round Four

Both are now actively engaging each other up close.  Kaqn lands a successful focus attack, getting the first combo in.  He goes for a hurricane kick set up into throw, but FZ successfully predicts and counters.  Kaqn then lands another shoryuken into ultra combo, and wins the round by anticipating FZ's movements and locking down his air strategy.  Round four: Kaqn.

Final Round

FZ now begins using up his saved stocks in an attempt to keep Kaqn at bay again. This strategy proves to be effective, forcing Kaqn once again to be on the defensive.  Kaqn pulls off a shoryuken into ex fireball combo, but FZ is relentless and continues to press the advantage.  Kaqn successfully predicts an attack, and uses a  focus attack into ultra combo.  Low on health,  FZ becomes more cautious in his approach.  Kaqn lands yet another successful shoryuken, but failed to have enough revenge meter to finish the combo.  Both players are near death.  FZ squeezes out the win with an overhead after a succesful cr. mk into thunder knuckle comboWinner: FZ.


This was a very back and forth match between both competitors.  FZ did an incredible job displaying his mastery over alot of very difficult moves, such as thunder knuckle feints and repetitive seismo
cancels. Even though Ryu lost his long distance advantage, Kaqn had the excellent foresight to use focus attacks to counter Viper's rush game.  This match could have went either way easily!

You can check out the second part of their match here.

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First news on Street Fighter IV released!

The newest December issue of EGM features an in-depth article of Capcom's highly hyped Street Fighter IV.  According to the article, the game features a polygon 3D look while maintaining its traditional 2D gameplay.  Only four characters have been announced so far: Ryu, Ken, Chun Li, and Dhalsim.  No news yet on any brand new characters, or of the Street Fighter III cast. 

In other related news, Capcom has apparently partnered with a Korean online game titled Perfect K.O., allowing players to play a model of Ken or Chun Li.  They even retain their trademark moves! 


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