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Halloween is serious business.

Saw this amazing thread on Neogaf and ii just had to post a Halloween-themed post today!  Aside from that hilarious image above, the OP posted a picture (and subsequent vid) of one of the coolest Ironman costumes of all time.  OF ALL TIME.  /kanye meme

IronMan MKV movie Short test 1

The other cool Halloween thing I saw was this "promo" slash "viral vid" of the Silent Hill haunted house attraction in California.  I wish I could go to this thing!  But alas, I'll have to settle for videos such as these.  Maybe somebody out there will take their camera with them and do a walk-through!  That'd be so cool…

Sinister pointe silent hill haunted house

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So…I played some games over the weekend…

Why am I writing this on a Wednesday?  I dunno.  I figure somebody out there wants to know what happens behind the scenes in my ever-on-going life.  And sometimes its best to just pull up random topics, which is the name of this blog anyway.

I got a chance to try out Silent Hill: Homecoming and Mega Man 9 last week, and I thought the latter was pretty fun.  Silent Hill…not so much.  If anything, it was a bit of a disappointment, and I'm sure Andy was even more disappointed when I accidentally spilled beer over myself (and subsequently his couch) every time a random quicktime event popped up on the screen.  I hate those.  And now my shirt and pants smell like beer too.  Hence the beer being placed quite far away from me while I play…

Mega Man is hard, but in an addictive, "gotta beat it–arggghhh!" kinda way.  Its funny to us, because we always mock each other's "serious gamer mode" attempts at passing each stage.  It was funny how Cuong kept urging us to speedrun each level, and watching us fail miserably.  Mega Man is serious business.

I got Zack to pull together a Silent Hill: Homecoming review for the blog later.  You should look forward to it; after that single playthrough last week, we came up with some really, really, really funny findings.  But if you want a serious metacritic score, you can check out what the web thinks here.

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Horror games and video game diaries

First of all, let me just say that I abhor horror games.  They're 100x more scarier than horror movies because of the capability of being in control.  That said however, I adore Silent Hill.  When I first played it way back in 2000, the first game freaked the crap out of me.  Remember that scene when the little baby demons attacked you in the original Silent Hill?  That freaked me out so much, I turned the game off right then and there.  But when Silent Hill 3 came out, I had no qualms about going around the game, and inevitably beating it.  Good times.

A while ago, there was a guy on NicoNico Douga who started putting up videos of himself trying to beat Silent Hill 3.  Each video garnered roughly 8000~11,000 hits, with over 10,000 comments on each (which is a really amazing following).  It was really funny to watch, because you could hear him speaking as he was experiencing the game for the first time.  It was especially hilarious when he got to this scene in the game.  There were a total of 19 videos, until he finally beat the game a week ago, ending his video game diary. 

I thought about that concept for bit: video game diary?  There hasn't been very many blogs or posts about it, and someone really ought to do one (with a mic of course).  It'd be even better if you could start a dialogue with the audience.  There's tons of video game diaries on NicoNico of people playing horror games, but they don't have that direct capability of conversing with viewers.  Maybe this could be the next wave of web 2.0: being able to watch and comment on people playing games they enjoy.  I could see it in the possible future as a working app for xbox live and the playstation home.  It's like Toshiba's HDDVD concept of watching movies online with other people…but too bad that never came to fruition.

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Silent Hill Comic

I was roaming the web today, when I stumbled across this:

I gotta say, its pretty nice artwork.  Kind of a 1950's art deco, black and white kind of style.  It really captures the "American Gothic Horror" feel that Silent Hill has always pushed.

On the website, it says that there are other versions of the Silent Hill franchise in comic form also.  I mean, for chrissakes the Silent Hill Arcade Game even has its own comic.  Although I haven't played the game in person, judging from a few videos I've seen, it looks like a House of the Dead rip-off more than anything. Pretty crappy.

Silent Hill is just one of those series you enjoy in the comfort of your own home, and not so much in a large public setting.  Seriously, who wants to get scared silly in public?  That's just not cool.  And not only that, the arcade game is not even scary lolwomgbbq.  Something just kinda gets lost in a way…

Meh.  I really can't do it enough justice without showing some gameplay footage of it.

Lastly, if you really really wanna know more about Silent Hill, I would suggest checking out for lotsa goodies and news.  Specially 'bout Silent Hill 5.  Cause thats what the site's about.  Yar.

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