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Sket Dance VOMIC!

Ever wondered what the Sket Dance crew would sound like if they had voices? Well wait no more! A user on NicoNico Douga uploaded a video comic (Vomic) of a sketch from the manga with the voice actors from the drama cd on it, and it sounds great!

Bossun and Switch sound a little strange, but I'm sure if I give it some time it might grow on me. Somehow I was hoping Switch get a robotic voice or something, due to his voice synthesizer machine (kinda like this).

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Sket Dance Drama CD reveals potential cast list?

On Friday, I stumbled on some news on preorders for a Sket Dance drama CD.  I love listening to drama CDs, so when I saw the news I was startled to see the voice actors on the list!  Without further ado:

Bossun: Yoshino Hiroyuki
Himeko: Shiraishi Ryoko
Switch: Sugita Tomokazu

I don't know too much about Yoshino Hiroyuki as I haven't really watched any of the series he's been in, but Shiraishi Ryoko and Sugita Tomokazu!?  If you don't recognize his name by now, Sugita Tomokazu is better known as the sulky voice behind Kyon-kun in The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi (as well as Sakata Gintoki in Gintama).  Shiraishi Ryoko is also one of my favorite voice actresses in the industry, and well known for her role as Hayate in Hayate no Gotoku.

These seiyuus aren't new talent or anything, they're professional people in the industry.  Could this be an unofficial cast list for a yet-to-be-broadcast Sket Dance TV show?  Quite possibly!  And by the looks of it, it'll be quite a talented group! 

Hopefully the Gods above will announce a 1st season sometime soon…

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Busy Busy Busy

I'm unbelievably swamped with work!  And the weird thing is that I'm not even receiving any pay for what I'm doing and yet it feels so gratifying!  Could this be the elusive, oft-rumoured Blue Bird of Happiness?

In any case, I posted a while back that I joined a fan scanlation group.  It's been a bit of a challenge, but overall I'm pretty confident in my translation ability.  If it wasn't for the furigana, there's no doubt in my mind the process would take much longer than it already is.  Probably tenfold.  (On a side note, my JLPT test scores came in — I passed!  Not a perfect score like I had hoped, but still good news nonetheless!)

The manga I'm translating is called スケットダンス(Sket Dance), and it's incredibly hilarious!  There's a kansai-ben speaking delinquent-turned-docile girl nicknamed Onihime, a laptop-wearing otaku who speaks only through a voice synthesizer named Switch, and their weird leader nicknamed Bossun who's only special skill is "concentrating".  Together they solve the wacky cases surrounding campus life!

I hope they serialize it into an anime someday in the future — I'd definitely watch it!


I had another meeting with the other two people I'm working with on the graphic novel.  It was our first three-way voice chat so it was interesting, but I didn't really enjoy it since now I can't see the chat logs.  I used to read them to help myself remember what needed to be done each week.  I took it upon myself to act the secretary role, and took notes on all the minor things we agreed about. 

My friend had new concept designs for the characters, and the other guy in Japan did some tinkering with them in Photoshop.  I was disappointed he didn't use any of my designs, but I suppose this is the norm for collaborative projects.  It's not bad, but he's still learning I suppose.  I was curious what his art style looked like, all these years.

Rough SketchB&W Line DrawingColor and Shading

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