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Uh oh.

Zero Punctuation reviews Smash Bros. Brawl

Not to put a damper on a game I already own, but in a word: ouch.  While its never surprising to hear The Escapist pick apart a game ever so lovingly, I sort of agree with most of what's said in this video.  Brawl really is what it is: a Nintendo franchise video game.  Its not a bad one, per se, because I definitely enjoy it for its uniqueness from other fighting games and their pitfalls.

But Zero Punctuation does make an excellent point at the 2:54 timestamp.  Are you that guy?  You know, the guy who relentlessly plays / practices / obsesses over a particular game, only to enjoy the ruin of company (who btw, probably hasn't played as much as you) and proceeds to humiliate / torture / pwn said company whilst in the company of your peers? 

We've all been at that place one time or ago or another, but thats one of the downfalls of competitve games: there's always gonna be a loser.  Multiplayer games?  Sorry kid, but second place only means you're the first loser.  Here's hoping  ZP doesn't get a whole bunch of hate-mail from the fanbase…

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Solid Snake’s thoughts on SSBB

After lots and lots of browsing through NicoNico video, I chanced upon this really funny series of "conversations" Snake has with the Colonel, Mei Ling, and Otacon.  Someone in Japan was probably bored / curious, and captured the codec chats for each and every character in the game.

There's four parts to the video, and of course, its all in Japanese, so brush up a bit before you head over and watch them lol.  Oh, and you need a NicoNico account also to watch the videos.

Snake's Codec Conversations Part 1
Snake's Codec Conversations Part 2
Snake's Codec Conversations Part 3
Snake's Codec Conversations Part 4

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A great week for gamers!

CES is probably one of the hugest events for geeks around the nation, and its only fitting that games were also in the mix this week.  Apart from ginormous plasma tv's, pimpin car systems, and the Blu-Ray / HD DVD war, there was a megaton amount of news that poured out. 

One of the first crazy announcements was the appearance of Star Wars in the upcoming Soul Calibur 4.  Darth Vader and Yoda made an unannounced romp into the latest trailer at  Props to Cuong for giving the heads up!

Also, someone on neogaf posted a famitsu screen shot of an upcoming new character for Street Fighter 4.  No news on what she can do, but her name is Crimson Viper, and she looks like someone out of No More Heroes, lol.

Finally, for all of you Super Smash Bros. Brawl fans out there, a new character has been revealed by the name of Pikmin, haha.  From the early screenshots, it looks similar to how the Pokemon Trainer character plays.  Also, Solid Snake's Final Smash has been added, although it looks a little iffy, if you ask me…

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Smash Bros. Brawl Flash Game

Since Smash Bros. got pushed back from its December release date to 1st quarter of next year, alot of us will have to wait a bit longer to enjoy this game.  A demo  was released back during the E for All expo event last month, but so far nothing else.

But thats okay.  If you can't wait to play, you can try out this game instead to help satisfy your hunger. 

Its not too shabby of a game…even though its propped only on two basic attacks and has a few characters, it does have Sonic, Knuckles, even Mega Man!  Too bad he'll never show up in the real game…

And if you're a fan of the new upcoming No More Heroes title, then this might interest you.  Currently they're doing a special event on one of the main characters in the the game.  A bunch of different Gravure Idols will cosplay as Sylvia Christel, the super hot female from the game.  Of course, there'll be photos…so enjoy them while they last.  Did I mention bikini pictures?


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