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A lesson in photography by Snake

Funny photos from Metal Gear

Source: Kotaku

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Solid Snake’s thoughts on SSBB

After lots and lots of browsing through NicoNico video, I chanced upon this really funny series of "conversations" Snake has with the Colonel, Mei Ling, and Otacon.  Someone in Japan was probably bored / curious, and captured the codec chats for each and every character in the game.

There's four parts to the video, and of course, its all in Japanese, so brush up a bit before you head over and watch them lol.  Oh, and you need a NicoNico account also to watch the videos.

Snake's Codec Conversations Part 1
Snake's Codec Conversations Part 2
Snake's Codec Conversations Part 3
Snake's Codec Conversations Part 4

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20th Anniversary Metal Gear Special

Metal Gear Solid Saga

Worth watching to catch up to the events leading up to MGS4.

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I am GAR for David Hayter

David Hayter, aka Solid Snake from the famous Metal Gear Series, is well known among fans.  He isn't too well known outside of the franchise, but he has done a few famous works such as scripting the X-Men movies 1 and 2, and playing Guyver as his pseudonym, Sean Barker.

David Hayter was brought back to play Solid Snake again in the upcoming PS3 title, Metal Gear 4.  Its the last of the series, and looks to be much improved upon from the first three titles. The cast from the first Metal Gear (PS1 version) has been brought back after nearly a decade to reprise the key roles for the final installment.

He did a funny video for the Konami staff on his website,  I never knew he could speak Japanese!  Apparantly David lived in Osaka and even went to High School in Japan (awesomeness).

Ryan Payton is an Assistant Producer for Koji-Pro, and from his blog page, you can hear an interview of he did with David Hayter.  Its a really interesting podcast (its episode 33) that talks about all kinds of stuff, from David's history, his voice-acting career, etc.  Its pretty funny, and definitely worth a listen. 

If you haven't heard of Metal Gear 4 yet, check out the stunning trailer from the Tokyo Game Show here.

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