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Street Fighter IV’s saving system

From the E3 2008 trailer.

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Street Fighter 4

I owe most of this post to David Hinds, the guy who loaned me the initial 100 yen that in turn saved me from walking to the end of the line in the HEY! arcade at Akihabara.  Thanks, David.  Because of you, I was able to play Street Fighter IV for a brief 5 minutes before the other guy beat me to a pulp and sent me to the end of the line.  Cheers, mate.

Street Fighter IV: the little game that almost wasn't.  Capcom was dead set on leaving the series alone after looking at the demise of North American arcades.  If it wasn't for the musings of the internet over images of Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, producer Yoshinori Ono wouldn't have been able to convince the higher-ups at Capcom to pump out another game. 

But wait, Street Fighter IV isn't really a sequel.

Rather, the story is set somewhere in between Street Fighter II and Third Strike (Street Fighter III).  This explains why all of the original fighters have been revived, and why the game system is strikingly similar.  There's just a few things different, for example, Third Strike's parry system was taken out in favor of old school footsie games that brings back classic SFII brawling.  The game is now 3D on 2D (or 2.5D according to wikipedia), dismissing pixels for a more rendered look.  All the characters get only one CG-coated dramatic super move.

The new system for SF IV is called Saving System or Focus Attacks.  The idea basically follows like this: as your character racks up damage, a revenge gauge begins to fill, allowing EX attacks (a la SF III), unblockable attacks, and enhanced combos.  EX attacks take a percentage of the overall bar, while one super move takes the entire bar.  Pretty drastic difference, considering that stocks (the amount of super moves you can save) are no longer part of the game.

The game plays very smoothly, putting the focus not so much on combos, but more on predicting and reacting.  Jumping in the game used to feel kind of floaty, but now its really fast.  And while the graphics seem a bit goofy at times, this is probably hands down the best experience Street Fighter has ever offered yet.  Seriously, you must play it to experience what its like now.  Each time I played it, this nostalgic sensation overswept my emotions, enducing tears from my eyes. 

Okay, maybe not that dramatic, but you get what I mean.  Its really fun to play partially due to the simplicity of the game now, and the added tweaks are just icing on the cake.
Check out these links for more info:
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Sunday is coming to a close, and a lot of stuff happened today…hmm…where should I start?  I guess the best place would be with what happened on Saturday night.

I didn't sleep.  At all.  The party moved to a karaoke box, and a few of us (who still wanted to party) stayed there until five-freaking-thirty a.m.  It was seriously painful, because my sleep scheduled has consisted of going to bed early and waking up early.  Staying up until dawn was god-awful painful.  And karaoke joints are painful, period.  Its like the fifth gate of hell, with each box blasting out noise while the hallway itself blasts more music on top of that. No quiet place to sleep.  Going to bed Sunday morning was a blessing.

Today, Akihabara and Shibuya was on the itinerary.  I remembered that Sunday is the day that performers come out in Akiba, but recent events (re: Akiba Flasher) have reduced their numbers.  More importantly, it was the last day for the Street Fighter IV location test, which I really wanted to try at least once to get a sense of what the game is like.

After a long wait, I was only able to play it once, and boy was it quick.  At least the guy I was playing was kind enough to let me win the second round, probably after he sensed it was my first time playing, lol.  That was cool.  The game system was really good too.  No more floaty jumps, smooth and responsive play (a Capcom staple), and a pretty interesting amount of depth to the game system.  Aside from a few cheap moves (Blanka's electric charge now hits waaaaay farther), the game was fun.  I'm looking forward to the final product.

The other game I played in Akiba was Otomedius.  Wait, let me correct that…the only game I watched was Otomedius.  You needed a four hundred yen card to even get past the title screen, and each play was limited to only four stages.  I will say though, that the game looks really appealing, you know, cause uh, the graphics are sweeeeet.  Yeah.  But seriously though, they've changed the traditional format that Gradius plays like, tremendously.  You can really personalize your weapons much more than before!

Finally, as I was wandering Akiba looking for new places to explore, I stumbled upon this really, really, really crazy building.  The first floor was rather normal, with anime dvds, mangas, etc.  As I moved upward, however, on the third, fourth, and fifth, I ran across the airplane, auto(complete with mini race track), and train hobbyist floor (complete with miniature model city).  But it wasn't until the next floor, that I encountered this:

If you can't tell, this is the gun hobbyist section of the store.  This is where all of the gun lovers, military buffs, and general Call of Duty 4 nuts congregate.  They have all kinds of types of rifles, guns, boots, clips, vests, outfits, and suits replicas.  It is MADNESS.  And this ain't even the last floor!  The last floor has a shooting range.  Now, the last time I checked, there's a law permitting firearm sales excluding hunting rifles.  So naturally, you gotta ask: what do they use to shoot in there? It can't be real ammunition, its probably BB guns and pellets.  Thats got to be such a letdown…

There was a few other things that I encountered that day, but for now I'm going to save it for a later post.  Its 2 a.m., and my eyes are starting to shut on their own.  Stay tuned!

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Another SFIV video…

This time its Crimson Viper vs Chun Li!

And yes, that is the real Crimson Viper and Chun Li lol!

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First SFIV video hits the web!

Crimson Viper vs Ryu

Disappointing?  Perhaps a little…although the gameplay looks pretty sharp and smooth.  And don't forget…

First King of Fighter XII Trailer!

Holy cow, I can't wait!  I never would've guessed that KoF would go for a 3D-in-2D concept, if that really is what I think it is.  Still, it looks amazing.  Hopefully SNK Playmore tweaked the system a little bit, and improve upon KoF XI, which was a really great title on its own.

Source: Kotaku

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First news on Street Fighter IV released!

The newest December issue of EGM features an in-depth article of Capcom's highly hyped Street Fighter IV.  According to the article, the game features a polygon 3D look while maintaining its traditional 2D gameplay.  Only four characters have been announced so far: Ryu, Ken, Chun Li, and Dhalsim.  No news yet on any brand new characters, or of the Street Fighter III cast. 

In other related news, Capcom has apparently partnered with a Korean online game titled Perfect K.O., allowing players to play a model of Ken or Chun Li.  They even retain their trademark moves! 


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Street Fighter 4 announced

Tekken 6 is well underway in beta in Japan, but now another large fighting franchise has been announced.  At the Capcom Gamers Day in London, Capcom released a small graphical trailer of the popular fighting franchise Street Fighter.  There was no actual gameplay footage, but you can expect a release date about a year away. 

The last Street Fighter game came out 8 years ago, so this one has been due for a long time.  You can probably expect ground-breaking gameplay again from the folks at Capcom…

Here's a sample of the trailer from

Street Fighter 4 promo

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