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Street Fighter Fan Made Trailer

Street Fighter: Legacy (Teaser Trailer)

I know this is a teaser trailer and all, but goddamn does it look good.  Really damn good.  I mean, Ryu looks like he could be Ken’s dad and all, but man.  The cinematography / camera work / scenery / everything looks really nice.  I shall be awaiting this with eager anticipation!

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Real-Life Hurricane Kick

Daniel Graham Hurricane Kick

Somebody sign this guy up for a new Street Fighter movie.

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Yoshinori Ono on relationships (Taken at Evo2k9)

Yoshinori Ono on Relationships

Gotta love that little pun on 2P and 3P Ono-san talks about in the video.  Menage a trois?

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Continuing the Street Fighter Championships — Did anyone notice this?

The versuscity blog posted an interesting story about sportsmanship in videogames.  I'm not condoning or condemning his actions, but Justin Wong seemed a bit distasteful during his match with Poongko, the Korean champion and Iyo, the Japanese champion.  During a few key points during the match, he would turn around and "raise the Rufus" in a seemingly call-and-response type of action with the crowd.  Call it hype or call it insulting, it happened.  More than once.

Alot of people have defended and railed against his actions.  It's weird.  I find it unnecessary, but jingoism does rear it's ugly head in tightly contested events such as these, and this tournament was no exception.  I don't want to think of America as the kind of country that raises a culture of sore winners, but sadly you don't need to walk far to find it.

Watch the video links on the previous post if you want to see it for yourself.  Just keep an eye on the the grey-hoodie guy.  That's Justin Wong.

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Some Street Fighter IV news

Looks like Umehara Daigo, the 2D God of game centers all across Japan has lost his Street Fighter IV card.  He used to be number one in the battle ranking system, but now people have taken notice that his current point standing hasn't changed since last week's.  He's currently in third place. 

Mago, the current number one player in the rankings, made a blog post about it and even speculated that Umehara might have lost his card at home.  He mentions talking to him about it in his post.  It only costs about 500 yen to buy a brand new one, but with a little effort Umehara should be back up to where he was (maybe).

Speaking of rankings, the Korean National Street Fighter IV Tournament ended not too long ago.  Poongko won, using Ryu and Seth.  Yoshinori Ono was on hand, and after the matches were completed, announced a world-wide tournament.  The U.S. is the last contender on the list.  I wonder why Europe and a few other countries weren't mentioned?

In other news, a new ranking list came out by the Japanese players.  Up until now, there haven't been any character ranking lists that included the home console characters, but now there's one out.  It's pretty interesting to note that Seth is ranked number 2, while Rose is placed at the very bottom. 

That's kinda odd, since most people already considered her near the top, if not the very top.  I wish they'd put out their reasons as to why certain characters are placed the way they are…

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Local Weekend Tournament

Saturday we had our first (non Gamestop sponsored) local tournament.  While not as many as hoped came, quite a few players showed up for an impromptu event that only had roughly less then a week's notice.  Roughly 15 local fighting fans showed up, along with five out-of-towners. 

Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection and Street Fighter 4 were the only two games on hand.  Each bracket had 11 players in this double elimination, best 3 out of 5 classic-style throw down.

Initially, I had volunteered to help run brackets for only Street Fighter 4 (I had experience running and sponsoring my own tournament a few years back), but I ended up helping out for both games.  Didn't get to play too many games for that reason, but I did participate.

For those who don't know, it's pretty easy setting up players in the bracket at the beginning, but managing which players go where during the course of the tournament can be a pretty harrowing task.  Especially if there's an odd number players — those lucky people without a first match tend to end up as outliers that have to be placed correctly.

The final matches in the loser's finals for Street Fighter were simply amazing.  Our local player Ekie emerged as the winner in the loser's bracket and defeated the only player left standing in the winner's bracket twice — they played a total of 18 games, set at best 3 out of 5 matches.  There was also an amazing battle between two KC players (Axiom and The Founder) in Tekken.  I heard a few spectators comment how fast the battle looked.  They had never seen anyone play Tekken that quick.

The top three spots went to the KC players from out of town for Tekken, with our city taking first in Street Fighter.  Everyone had a great time!

(You can see the full results here for Tekken 5 and Street Fighter 4). 

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Street Fighter IV: First (well, second actually) Impressions

My good friend Phong got a copy of the game and invited us over for a few games yesterday.  He got an amazingly cheap deal from a friend ($30 bucks, can you believe that??), so that spurred him into buying it.  I watched him start it up in trial mode while I ate my french fries, taking in the graphics while he flipped through the menus.

Damn, Street Fighter IV looks pretty nice in HD.  Real nice.

After I snarfed down the rest of my cheeseburgers, we started messing around in training mode until Cuong popped in.  We then started unlocking the other nine characters, stopping just short of Akuma, Gouken, and Seth.  On a side note: Seth (the final boss) is amazingly cheap.  Anytime you land next to him, he automatically man-handles you in a pitiful display of herculean cheapness.  In other words, he throws you and you can't do nothin' 'bout it.  And this was in easiest mode.

We didn't get to play any real matches against each other; only against a buddy in online play.  I was skeptical SFIV would live up to the impressive speeds that HD: Remix set, but Capcom wowed me again.  It's surprisingly smooth!  It really did feel like he was right there, in the room.  Man-handling us. was swamped yesterday.  No surprise, being they're the go-to source when it comes to most things 2D related.  After poking around for more tips and tricks on the game, the best site I came across for quick-and-easy tips was the 1up MyCheats strategy page.  Definitely a good one-stop destination for anyone looking to up their game.

Ah, in case anyone didn't know — gamestop is holding a national tournament, starting this Saturday.  Check the website for the nearest location near you.  As far as I know, anything goes, and they'll be using the xbox360 as the platform. 

Also, Yoshinori Ono (the producer) hinted at two more DLC characters to be added to the roster: T. Hawk and DeeJay.  He also mentioned that there might be an upcoming sequel called Street Fighter IV Dash, if there's enough fan buzz for it.  That's big news!

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