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Dear God…

Item Abuse TAS

And just when I thought I had seen the end all of speed runs, now comes along this…

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Smash Bros. Brawl Flash Game

Since Smash Bros. got pushed back from its December release date to 1st quarter of next year, alot of us will have to wait a bit longer to enjoy this game.  A demo  was released back during the E for All expo event last month, but so far nothing else.

But thats okay.  If you can't wait to play, you can try out this game instead to help satisfy your hunger. 

Its not too shabby of a game…even though its propped only on two basic attacks and has a few characters, it does have Sonic, Knuckles, even Mega Man!  Too bad he'll never show up in the real game…

And if you're a fan of the new upcoming No More Heroes title, then this might interest you.  Currently they're doing a special event on one of the main characters in the the game.  A bunch of different Gravure Idols will cosplay as Sylvia Christel, the super hot female from the game.  Of course, there'll be photos…so enjoy them while they last.  Did I mention bikini pictures?


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New Wii Channel “Check Mii Out”

I was playing Zack and Wiki, when I noticed my Wii was flashing blue.  I immediately went back to the home menu, and in my message box it said there was a new Mii channel available!

Its called "Check Mii Out", and I think its trying to build on the character creation phenomenon that caught on earlier this year.  In it, you can become an artisan, and enter judging contests.  You can also post your own Mii, and check out other Miis from other users!  Its free, so its worth trying out for fun šŸ˜€

The contest that recently popped out today was to make a hatless Mario.  There's still roughly 6 more days, so probably won't know how it goes until the end of the week or so…

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