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Umehara Daigo discusses Super Street Fighter IV

ウメハラのスパⅣ 講座

Lessons from the Street Fighting God himself, albeit in Japanese only.  Not sure where this movie originated from, but it’s extremely welcome.

In the video, Umehara discusses how to hold the joystick, and also shows how to practice and pull off Ryu’s super combo (the qcf x2 motion).  The most impressive part of the video is in lesson 2.  Umehara breaks down the shoryuken > fadc > ultra 1 in three easy steps.

I’ll be on the lookout if another part of this series pops up!

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Guile is just simply amazing now.

Not only is his charge time much quicker, but he's got so many new tricks and combo applications now.   His combo damage has been beefed by an incredible amount too.  It's incredible what Guile is capable of against Ibuki — that matchup is starting to look like an uphill battle for her, what with his knee attack just blowing through her air kunai attacks.

Compared to the stuff he used to be capable of, the new Guile not only does more damage but has a plethora of new and quite frankly lethal options.

For those that don't remember, here's a trip down memory lane of our dear Guile, family man extraordinaire.

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Super Street Fighter IV: Initial Impressions

This post was a work in progress over the last few days because I took my time with the game to properly assess the overall package.  If you just want to see a summary of what I think about the game, check the following sentence — if not, stick around some more in-depth impressions.

If you liked Street Fighter IV, chances are high that you will love everything Super Street Fighter IV has to offer.


So yeah, the game is solid; I like it as about much as I liked the previous game.  Which wasn’t much.  I don’t like the system mechanics, a.k.a. mashout-dps-during block strings.  It destroys the concept of risk vs reward in the fact that trying out difficult combos can be easily punished by simply mashing down to forward on the joystick.  Very counter-intuitive.

I also don’t like 1-frame link combos.  They are insanely brutal for beginners and don’t prove worthwhile because of the previous point: mashout dps.

I do like the new characters. They’re a little overpowered, but certainly increase the random factor that Capcom dearly loves.  They also even out the playing field for beginners, since target combos are simple and easy to pull off.  (Side note: Cuong, who’s a master at churning out crispy links, oddly enough had a hard time with just one target combo.  As to why is beyond me.)  Variety is certainly the spice of life, and is most welcome here.

Gameplay modes: Online is decent.  Local play is smooth, but any farther than that is questionable (your results might vary, since I don’t have a T1 connection and all).  It’s ironic that in a game that balances life and death with said 1 frame links, they become a bit of a moot point through online lag.  Ranking and Endless mode work just fine, but Team Battle takes a step backwards, since it relies upon an entire group of people patient enough to wait for the room to fill.

Replay mode is adequate.  It gets the job done, by linking up match vids for all the new categories of characters.  Sadly there’s no ranking system on par with Tekken 6; the game won’t let you find match vids of top-ranking players.  Youtube does a much better (and effective) job of that.

So who do I play as?  I started out playing Juri, but right now I’m debating the switch to Ibuki and Guy.  They have some really evil shenanigans, as you’ll see here in this vid:

SSF4: Guy – Mixup 02 – Crazy Resets

It’s still too early to decide tier lists, but this right here looks downright fun.  Rumor has it that Umehara Daigo is making the transition himself, and only time will tell if the other Japanese pros will follow suit with their characters as well…

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Whoever thought of this needs to get fired.

Super Street Fighter IV: Thumb Fighters

If this is real…then we just got trolled.  That Blanka thumb puppet / whatever it is probably needs AAA batteries, and I could see a few kids landing in the hospital if they try that Zangeif piledriver maneuver.  Hell, maybe if they sell enough of them we should host a thumb wrasslin' tournament at EVO!


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“I love my daughters, they are so pretty!”

Super Street Fighter 4 Trailer – Hakan Unveiled – 10/03/10

Seriously, this video speaks for itself.  Wtfness just everywhere…
So many of you know by now (due to this late, late update) that Hakan is now the last character in Super Street Fighter IV.  Boy oh boy is he a character.
The man has seven kids and a beautiful wife (?), and uses oil to fight.  Not oil like the kind that makes your car go vroom vroom, but oil as in body oil. Lotion, if you will.
He is hands down the most undisputedly weirdest character ever created by Capcom.  Ever.  No word on tier status and the like, but his moveset is…you guessed it, like a grappler.  With oil.
Jokes aside, this guy seems to be the perfect troll character.  Even his demeanor will make your face twist and your eyeballs pop out of their sockets.  He seems to have the best anti-air ultra of all — a stationary counter move that will activate by merely touching it.   Unless you’re capable of changing your trajectory in midair, chances are people will be landing on top of it quite a bit.

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Some unease with Super Street Fighter IV

I didn’t like Street Fighter IV.  Initially I had high hopes for it; I enjoyed the throwback toward Super Turbo, but as the dust settles I don’t like the gameplay.  Rather, I despise it.

To it’s credit, Street Fighter IV is simple.  Fun, challenging, and more slow-paced than something like…Tekken.  Comparatively speaking, you move around a ton more than you do in Street Fighter.  Some characters hardly need to move at all (ex: Zangief).  This makes the game really defensive, and at times downright turtle-ly.

The matchups are even more ridiculous.

But oh no, says Seth Killian.  Trust me; this game is going to be offensive. Less turtling.  More access to everybody.  Easy peazy combos.  The God of SRK says it is so, therefore it has to be true.  Yet somehow I’m not really thinking that way at all.

Seth Killian is great…at PR spin.  He knows how to say things the right way.  Dealing with a majority means you can’t deal out to the minority.  I mean, this is the same guy who says Street Fighter should have shitty characters because it creates an underdog complex.  That paves the way for more interesting matches he says.

Really now?  I’ve read about the changes they’re implementing; let’s hear a few:

  • Cammy, who’s already considered a low-tier character, is getting her damage output reduced.
  • Rose gained a new ultra, but it’s just a spinning orb thing that hits twice and does measly damage.
  • Gen’s standing medium kick into hands is different, plus his ex kick isn’t invincible on startup, making him weak on wake up.
  • C. Viper, with her crappy normals moveset, now gets the same treatment with her specials — medium thunder knuckle now gives you even more negative frames on block.

Why?  You said yourself, S. Killian, that you wanted to keep what’s great about characters intact, yet you punish the cast with nerfs, not buffs.

Buffs.  Buffed moves makes what used to be worthless throwaway characters into ones with a fighting chance.  Just look at the philosophy of games that have characters that are all good: it makes a better game.  There’s no way to make a balanced game, let’s just face it — the only way to do that is to give everyone the same moveset.  But by giving characters a particular style or a plan of attack, you create scenarios where people have to form strategies around their attacks.  Sacrificing one for another.

The Third Strike characters look really good.  Almost overwhelmingly good.  Every one of them has a target combo.  A target combo!  Sigh.  Maybe my opinion will change once we get our hands on the final build.  Perhaps then I’ll reconsider my opinion on Mr. Killian.  Who knows, maybe even some of the stuff he says will turn out true.

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Hajime no Ippo fans, eat your hearts out

Dudley’s Ultra Combo I

Dudley’s Ultra Combo II

Any real fan of Hajime no Ippo would notice these moves as a direct homage to the boxing fan straight away!  And lol at the second one — is he really spinning in circles right there?  What the eff!!

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