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Big news in TinierMe land

A new update rolled in on December the 3rd: G-Coins.  Change however, has not been for the better and many of the already existing users are upset at the newly inflated prices and loss of older selfy items that used to exist in the shop.  Many users have voiced their complaints in the chat rooms and forums.  There's even an online petition that has over 1,000 signatures that's taking notice.

Exhibit A
Exhibit B

While I agree that companies who offer a service have a right to get paid, the sudden loss and then immediate occupation of a pay-to-play service for a game that hasn't even been around for a year is quite a shock.  What's even more shocking is the price structure G Crest Entertainment has unfolded upon the users: you can purchase 10,000 G Coins for $99 dollars US — a staggering amount, considering the user base!

Comparatively, Gaia online offers premium services too, albeit at a much smaller rate (one dollar equals 100 Gaia currency, which TinierMe offers as well).  Gaia, however, caps the amount a user can spend at $25 dollars compared to TinierMe's $99 dollar cap.  Even Nexon caps the monthly spending rate at roughly $150 dollars per month, something TinierMe doesn't appear to have.

Change has taken place today, however.  In a bid to appease the beta userbase, G Crest lowered the prices of selfy items to a lower amount to help ease newcomers into the game (see the image on the right — "damaged jeans" dropped from 1,000 Chibi Coins to 300 Chibi Coins).  They made a public statement on their webpage, encouraging users to trade their items to new players instead of trashing them.  In the past, users could recycle their items for 5 Chibi coins a piece; that price has now lowered to 1 Chibi coin.

On a positive note, early adopters still get the better end of the stick, so long as they were the ones who spent all of their money on items early.  I just feel for the new users who want to join in on the fun, but are left out in the cold because of spiked prices. 

Oh, did I mention that there's a contest for a free trip to Tokyo, Japan?

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Today I went to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting and


My worst nightmare came true.

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Could this be the new revolution of online gaming!?

First of all, above anything, I must thank Cass for introducing this game to me.  Calling it a game however, might be a stretch.  The only gaming I've done on this online chat room with an avatar system attached it is fishing…and even that might be a stretch too. 

But for what it's worth, Tinier Me has completely sucked me in.

I blew an entire day just messing around with the customization system and running around from person to person swapping rings for quick cash (called Chibi Coins in this case).  I almost felt like a druggie who just can't get enough smack who just happens to spend just that little extra ounce of time maximizing profit vs expenditure.  Case in point, my pad.  I've remodeled it four times already with the dough I've amassed, and I just started this game Saturday.

To be fair, I love the community here.  Most people hail from Deviant Art and Facebook, and as one might expect they are very tightly knit crew.  I've only run into one group of e-thugs online, but they were faceless posers who were dispatched quite quickly when I summoned my "gang" upon them (we all dressed up in bedsheets with Jason masks on and loitered on their turf like real gangs do).  Internet justice prevailed, and we celebrated our victory back at my swinging pad with sake shots.  Like a boss.

As of now, the game is still in beta with over 10,000 members and rising.  If you want to get in on this game I'd suggest you do it rather quickly before the Internet hate machine swoops in and totally ruins your experience.  I'd expect it to be a lot worse than a couple of rabid tweeners with too much time on their hands and a smug look on their face.

Oh, and here are some victory shots lol:


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