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It’s Monday.

Mega64: Ignaxio’z Travelz – TGS 2009

Here's some hilarity to whittle the time away while I prepare a post for my magical weekend that I had.  You won't believe your eyes.

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Japan’s game industry is defunct — except ours

…or so sayeth legendary Capcom designer Keiji Inafune (creator of Dead Rising and the Onimusha series).  And while he might be right or he might be wrong, Inafune-san had no qualms turning that quote upside down and claiming Capcom had the cream of the crop of the weekend convention, ironically.  I mean, the first question I had after hearing his statement was, "are you saying that about your games too?"

TGS was still popular with the public, with over 185,000 people lining up to check out the latest games at this year's convention.  Gamasutra reports that there were roughly 10,000 attendees less than last year, but the number seems rather paltry.

There were plenty of head-turning announcements!  Here's a quick run down of what you might've missed:

On the fighting games side, there were two huge announcements / leaks over the weekend.  The first is the long-awaited rumored Super Street Fighter IV.  A picture made its rounds on the internets, leading many people to believe that T. Hawk really IS in the new sequel.  It's unclear, but there will be an official announcement from Capcom tomorrow.

Another new character was announced for BlazBlue: Hazama.  His character voice actor is Koji Yusa, better known as Ichimaru Gin from Bleach.  His drive is called Ouroboros, and his playstyle is that of a rush down, speed-type fighter.  Plus his character design looks hella cool!

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A week in gaming links

So this week has a lot of news stories about the upcoming Tokyo Game Show, set to debut this Friday.  And as such, I expected a lot of coverage from all the main news outlets…which is true.  But hey!  There's still some good news bits, you just have to sift through them…

I totally missed E For All.  Apparently a lot of people did too.
Arc System Works does web radio!  (this might be good)
Is Sega coming back to the console race?
Interesting bit about the first day of work from a Nintendo developer
Evo gets highlighted at Kotaku.  Fighting games are still recognized.

And for anyone interested in TGS 2008 info:

Famitsu's TGS coverage
iNSIDE game's TGS coverage
Game Watch Impress Japan's TGS coverage
1up's TGS coverage
Tired of reading?  Gametrailer's TGS coverage

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