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Extravaganza 14 picture spam

It's been over nine years since I've last seen these two.  Nine!  So long that, as a matter of fact on Saturday morning (a few hours before the tournament started) whilst walking around taking random pictures of the hotel lobby, I noticed a tall white dude in sweats zip past me.  I only caught a small glimpse of the guy before he started to turn the corner, and then without even thinking I yelled out, "Tyson!" 

The big tall guy immediately stopped midstride, turned around slowly, and gave me the most confused, puzzled look ever.  "Peter?!" he yelled. 

What a weird way to bump into someone after nine years, I chuckled later.

But Tyson was cool about it.  A little hungover, but extremely gracious.  We had a nice chat about random stuff until he had to run off again, but I'll never forget the look on his face that day (lol).  It certainly set the mood for the rest of the night!  (By the way when I met Steph again it was much more normal, heh heh.)

I took a lot of pictures of the whole event.  Click on the images for more info! Enjoy!

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Fall Brawl is over!

November 21st, 2009.  Just another typical Saturday here in this quiet midwestern town.  Unbeknownst to the townfolk here, a large gathering of hardcore gamers descended with only one thing on their mind: winning.  It's a small story that most won't know, but a few will remember for a lifetime.

Kansas City: eleven people, three cars.

Oklahoma: five people, two cars.

Omaha Nebraska and Manhattan: two people, one car.

Our town: fifteen people.  I didn't count the cars…

The numbers don't look all that dramatic, but you couldn't find a better place to play some of the midwest's top players in games like Street Fighter, BlazBlue, and Tekken.  Every match was close, but all of the victories well well-earned.  Tough.  Yet respected.  Oklahoma came out on top for the Tekken portion, while Kansas City proved once again why they were the champions in Street Fighter.  BlazBlue also had a fairly unknown player from Oklahoma dominate some of the toughest competition with a typically unheard of character.

I'd like to thank everybody who came down.  I gave my shout-outs already, but I suppose it couldn't hurt putting it here as well.  We had the most successful showing yet, with over $100 bucks in the pot for first place.  The team matches were a first for this tournament, and it looked to be very successful.  I've never seen so much hype in person before; even more than what I'm used to seeing during singles tournaments.

Videos will be put up in the future.  We're working on it.

I had a lot of fun.  I hope everyone did too.  We'll be back in March to settle the score again.  A new rivalry is brewing that hasn't been touched sinced 2005.  It's gonna be big.


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Max Out tournament in KC

Had a blast this weekend!  I drove up with two other friends to participate in a big tournament featuring Street Fighter, Tekken, and Guilty Gear in the lineup.  Lots of people attended (over 50) coming from as far as St Louis and Oklahoma City — that's a room full of some very hardcore players!

I didn't too well myself, but I met a lot of old friends and watched a ton of good matches.  Especially the guys from St Louis; there was an amazing Blanka player who had a dizzying array of mix ups and ground games that wowed the crowd.  KC was no easy walk over either — many of them placed consistently in the top three in nearly every game.

I also learned about a new rule that I wasn't aware of before.  I think its more of a gentlemen's agreement more than anything, because I've never heard of it:

Whomever wins the first match is not entitled to change characters lest the loser is unable to adapt within a fair amount of time to produce a counter strategy.

To be fair, it wasn't written on the billboard but many tournaments around the country use and employ this rule.  I was told it was a standard in all Japanese tournament play, which I can believe.  Personally I don't agree with it, but if the venue holding the tournament upholds the rule, I will respect it.

So what was the best part of the tournament?  Old buddies!  And I'm talking about these guys — always good to see a familiar face!

Mr Weeks on the left, and Triv Somar on the right.Ben-Ra from KC.

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