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Gantz Live Action Trailer!

Gantz is / was one of the most disturbing anime series I had ever watched.  It didn't sit well with me, but it left a strong and lasting impression in my mind.  As far as shows go, I didn't sit down and read the manga that it was based from, but I'm absolutely certain that if I had, I'd probably be off worse.

Still though, Gantz is definitely a show you can't afford to miss. 

The live action looks spectacular.  I'm not too keen on the non-slicked back hair version of Masaru, but the end product looks very promising.

Speaking of movies, I've been on a real movie-high the past few days.  I've watched Fish Story, I Sell the Dead, Air Doll, Man From Earth, and The Kingdom.  I still want to watch Symbol, too.  That one looks really good.  And then there's all these summer blockbuster flicks coming out as well, geezus.

Somehow, I managed to unearth an MP3 of the cover song "Fish Story" by gekirin.  It's been playing non-stop on my iPod ever since I got it.  This song is so badass!



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Street Fighter Fan Made Trailer

Street Fighter: Legacy (Teaser Trailer)

I know this is a teaser trailer and all, but goddamn does it look good.  Really damn good.  I mean, Ryu looks like he could be Ken’s dad and all, but man.  The cinematography / camera work / scenery / everything looks really nice.  I shall be awaiting this with eager anticipation!

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Gonzo releases Super Street Fighter IV anime trailer

Super Street Fighter 4: Gonzo Production Trailer

It's also available on XBox Live.  Studio Gonzo doing the production work…not a fan of Gonzo as of late (just look at their track record of titles in the past), but their CG work is usually top quality and looks pretty.  If pretty means fan service, I suppose.

The story seems to be focused around Juri, the new super-sexy villain from SIN.  Chun Li, Guile, and Cammy pursue her for answers (where's C. Viper?  I thought she was integral to the story in vanilla SFIV?).  The result?  Fight scenes with the characters wearing their original outfits, that's what!  Oh, and Cammy wears her DLC outfit too. 

I never did understand how Cammy fights in her leotard / one-piece swimsuit garb.  You'd think she win a tournament somewhere based on that fact alone…

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Another look at that Suzumiya Haruhi trailer


Another trailer hit youtube, and it's much better looking than the original website's video. This movie is looking really good!  By the way, does anyone know the name of that song? 


Nevermind, found it.  Terribly haunting song that is.  Beautiful, but haunting.  Didn't know it was featured in Mother 3!  Somehow I missed that — I think I just assumed it was an original song for the game.

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New Super Street Fighter IV trailer shows all kinds of cool new stuff

Super Street Fighter IV – Exclusive Features Trailer

Zangief has an air ultra, Fei Long gets the one-inch-punch treatment, and Ryu gets his old Shin Shoryuken super back.  Love the new outfits too; Mecha Zangief?  Hell yes!

Looks like that rumor list is getting more and more legit as new content comes out. 

Also, posted a famitsu scan with even more new moves that weren't shown in the trailer.  Granted the quality isn't as great as the trailer, but it does show Viper's new dive kick ultra and Cammy's new hooligan ultra. 

Props to David Hinds from facebook for linking the original video, and to Phong for helping me photoshop a pic  for the writing gig!

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Iron Man 2 Trailer!

"You complete me!" lol

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Feel free to ignore this post.

Dragonball: Evolution Movie Trailer

As much as I hate this movie (and subsequently Hollywood, for greenlighting this), here it is.  The fight scenes look kind of promising, but…no.  Still not gonna watch it. 

Evolution?  Pfft…more like de-evolution.  Sorry guys, I'm gonna be sitting this one out.

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