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Megurine Luka original – “Free”

I can't get enough of this artist. The english lyrics are a bit weird, but the beat is really catchy. Too bad it's so short though.  Don't most techno songs last about eight minutes or so?

If you like the song, you can catch the mp3 here

Here's another song by the same artist.  Really sounds amazing with headphones on!

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I’m ALIVE! -PaniX BoX RemiX- 【feat. 初音ミク】

Hatsune Miku in 8 bit seems to fit her the best, and watching old school sprites certainly adds to the already high level of coolness for this video!

Pretty sure they meant to say "oh yeah" instead of "oh year" lol. Unless there's some kind of deeper meaning they deserves a second viewing for more clarification…

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Just Be Friends 【オリジナルPV】

Enjoy this vocaloid music video by Megurine Luka while I go write up some other posts about stuff that happened over the weekend. This song was stuck in my head for way too long, and when a song gets stuck in my head, I make the rest of the world suffer along as well. 

By the way, interesting fact — the girl with the pink hair is Megurine Luka (and I think the male is Kaito?).

Want the mp3?  You can get it here.  Make sure you click on where it says, "パソコンへ転送".

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Meet the New Vocaloid: CV 03

A few days ago, Crypton announced their newest vocaloid!  Joining the ranks of Hatsune Miku and Kagamine Len & Rin is newcomer Megurine Luka (played by Asakawa Yuu, voice of Motoko from Love Hina and Sakaki from Azumanga Daioh).  Curiously enough, she's the first character design that isn't incorporating a school uniform motif.  Her release date is currently set on January 30th.

According to Crypton, the name Megurine comes from Meguri ( Round) to suggest an all encompassing voice that will reach across the languages of culture.  But what separates Luka from the other vocaloids is her voice, which is "cool" and "husky"(If you're wondering what that means, try to imagine a softer and deeper voice).  Check the sample below to get a taste.

Here's a few more bits of info from her biography:

Age: 20
Height: 162 cm
Weight: 45kg
Musical Style:
Latin Jazz, Ethno Pop, Dance, and House Electronica

Sample Demo Song:

Megurine Luka Vocaloid CV 03 Demo Song

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This has got to be the best incarnation of Vocaloid to date

A while back there was a fan made video of the song "Ai wa Sensou" (Love is War) that was an immediate hit on NicoDouga. The visuals in the original video really set the mood for the song.  The song itself is really edgy, with a quiet kind of punk rock that most Hatsune Miku vids don't emulate. It's a really good song that stands on its own two legs.

In this video though, someone went above and beyond and actually made a moving music video put to CG…the results are amazing.

Please watch it.

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Kick, punch, its all in the mind!

So I found out that the name of that program that allows you to create various Hatsune Miku 3D CG movies is called MikuMikuDance!  I've never used it, so sadly I can't offer any kind of advice on how to work it (if you do figure it out, do send me a message, please!). 

Do some surfing on youtube, and you're bound to find loads of videos out there.  Just type in 'mikumikudance' in the search bar, and that'll get you started on your way!  In the meantime, enjoy these videos of Parappa the Rapper parodies!


【MikuMikuDance】パラッパラッパーに挑戦してみる stage2(完成版)

【MikuMikuDance】パラッパラッパーに挑戦してみる stage3(完成版2)

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Vocaloid’s Hatsune Miku dances and sings!

There's been a bit of small tide of talented Japanese programmers who've been making music / dance videos of the ever popular Hatsune Miku (of Yamaha's popular music program Vocaloid) on the web. Many of them range from simple shorts to painstakingly detailed anime-remakes of popular parodies. If I ever find those links that can let you make your own videos, I'll try to update this post.

The song is called "Virtual Insanity" by Jamiroquai. Last time I saw this was roughly a decade ago, and it's still pretty cool to watch ^^

You can catch the original music video here (embedding has been disabled by request, and yes, thank you Sony BMG and your inane DRM rules).

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