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Rare Footage of the Alleycat Mating Ritual in Action


A bit old, but sooooo funny.

I feel ashamed for not seeing this sooner, but now I feel all tingly inside.  If you haven't seen the movie yet, be forewarned there's spoilers ahoy.  By the way, why haven't you watched it yet!?

The Dark Knight Trailer Spoof

Here's another funny spoof.  God, these people are geniouses!

Joker Interrogation Scene Spoof

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One-sentence “The Dark Knight” review

Instead of writing a giant-sized, lengthy review of The Dark Knight loaded with potential spoilers, I figured a short one-shot sentence would be enough.  This is already the best review I've read of the movie; it captured everything I wanted to write and more.  Summer isn't over yet, but the best movie to grace the box-office theatres is here, bar none.  I've personally already watched it two times, and plan on re-watching it over, and over, and over…

Oh, and coincidentally.  I lol'ed at this:

Finally, even though the movie's still running in theatres across the country, there's already speculation and hype on the third potential movie. recently ran an interview with director Christopher Nolan, and while the prospect of three isn't on his mind at the moment, Gary Oldman hinted that the next villain might be the Riddler.  Other sources hint at Robin making his debut in the saga. 

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Random quote of the day: "I like girls, but I'm more into justice."

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