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Old School Super Famicom Controller brings back sweet memories

NintendoWiiFanboy linked to this article about Japanese Nintendo Club Nintendo subscribers being able to buy these sweet old school famicom controllers.  Enjoy these images now, because this will probably be the closest we'll get to seeing anything remotely near it (aside from a real SNES controller) outside of Japan.  One curious thing though, is that there's no analog function anywhere in sight, so its probably safe to assume you probably won't be able to use this with Wii-compatible games.  Maybe the Wii-mote will take over that function…?

You can check out more images here at the original link.

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Pimpin Wii gun looks, feels realistic

Wii guns get a bad rap.  Especially the Wii Zapper, in all of its heinousness..ness.  But then along the way, someone decided to make this gun.  Introducing the Linx Gun Grip, a two-in-one toy that splits apart into two separate "guns".  Oh wait, didn't someone make this already?  Ooh…guess they did.  Well, no matter.  I'm still gonna enjoy playing House of the Dead on the Wii, if it ever comes out in the States.  Or maybe Links crossbow training…

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Wii retro games that ought to come back

The Nintendo franchise is fast becoming a retro revival of sorts, with all kinds of games making grand returns from decades past.  With the advent of the Virtual Console, there's lots of cool games that definitely need to come back. Here a few NES games I felt deserve a revival also:

Star Tropics

Man, who can't remember this gem for the NES?  With its Zelda-like gameplay and dungeon exploring system, it was like the modern day version of action adventure games.  I remember all the cool weapons Michael got, like the bola.  The original game even spawned a sequel, Zoda's Revenge, which was equally fun.

Michael Jones, the main character of the series, could definitely have been a contender in the upcoming Smash Bros. Brawl.  He could use his baseball bat as side attacks, and throw bola's and boomerangs as long range special attacks.  As for his Final Smash, maybe he could summon aliens lol.

Metal Storm

This game was AWESOME.  Aside from transformers, this was probably the first game that introduced the world of mecha and robots in a side scrolling shooter to me.  The main robot was drawn in a style that kind of reminded me of Robotech, aka Macross.  My friend used to have one of those toys.  I never saw what happened to it…

They could really revamp this game in a huge way.  Add some 3-D, couple of new gravity tricks, new mecha designs (cough cough, Yoji Shinkawa), and new attacks!

I would totally buy this game if it came out on the Wii, heck even the Virtual Console!

Little Nemo: The Dream Master

Capcom produced this charming title (Nemo Pajama Hero in Japan) back in the day.  Probably one of the most unique premises ever, you played as Nemo who was brought to the kingdom of Slumberland and had to rescue the King of Slumberland from the Prince of Darkness.  You had to collect keys to pass stages using the ability to manipulate monsters.

The game also spawned a movie, called Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland (which was all right, but back then if an NES game got a movie, it was pretty big news).  Nancy Cartwright (Bart from the Simpsons) and Mickey Rooney even lent their voices to the movie!

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Wii VR demo by Johnny Lee

Meet thy enemy, Rock Band.

Look at all the MODES you can play as!

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Five hours.

Thats the amount of time I spent last night on the Check Mii Out game…zomg.  It was fun and addictive, in a way, and I got to see all kinds of Miis from Japan to Italy. 

Alot of the popular Mii's are of Mario, Zelda, Bowser, Batman, Harry Potter, and bunch of other custom made ones like Master Chief, and for some reason…Michael Jackson.  Why oh why…

Which reminds me, if anyone out there has a Wii, you can add these numbers into the channel and see what I made.  You can get there from going from Posting Plaza > Popular > Search (you can find that on the very bottom) > Set Conditions > Entry Number.

Here's a list of all the Mii's:

Uzumaki Naruto:     5183-4531–0046
Niea_7:                  9539-9893-4904
Saber:                    4573-1898-1850
Tohsaka Rin:          4521-4445-8449
L:                          8689-8466-5940
Fuji Shuusuke:       0115-3628-1185
Suzumiya Haruhi:   1321-9377-0919
Asahina Mikuru:     2201-1737-6791
Nagato Yuki:          4997-4218-0134
Cat Girl:                5330-8532-8083
Me (Mii):                9406-1683-0152

If anybody has posted up their own Mii, I would love to see it!  Post a comment, and I'll give ya a point toyour mii and add to your popularity šŸ™‚

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