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Thank SNK Playmore for ambiguous trailers

ReXXXSoprano was kind enough to rip the intro trailer from Game Watch Impress article, so big thanks to him for uploading it to youtube.  Somehow, people spotted Hwa Jai, K’, Whip / Kula during  the 0:12 and 0:14 timestamp. (I didn’t even blink and yet I missed it).

Here’s a snapshot of the characters in question:

Could this be the long rumored Whip?  Or is it Kula?  Or an entirely new character??

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The first 15 minutes of Final Fantasy XIII

You might want to turn off the comments though, they're pretty annoying. I didn't think Japanese comments could be as vile as American ones (haters are universal, I suppose).

Not to spoil anyone either but, there's reports coming all over the place about how linear Final Fantasy XIII is shaping out to be, although, it's still too early (I don't believe anyone's beaten the game yet at this point).

You know what's funny though?  Ryougi Shiki's seiyuu Maaya Sakamoto does the voice of Lightning, the main heroine.  They act almost identically!  I instantly recognized it right when she opened her mouth.  I'm such a nerd…

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Looks like that “Lightning Edition” PS3 slim might be coming out faster than expected.

Just saw the release date over at Square Enix's official webpage.

If the game is indeed coming out this year (and right before Christmas, too), does that mean the 250 GB PS3 slim is coming out soon as well?  If so, that might mean an upswing of PS3 sales here in the U.S.  Since the game retails for about 8800 yen, then that means the bundle will probably land here at about $300 unless Square-Enix decides to add a "platinum super special shiny shiny" edition with a a 1:1 scale replica of Lightning's sword.  I would hella buy that.

I for one am not too enthused, however.  What was the point of having a 120 GB PS3 slim if only to be topped by a 250 GB version?  And it hasn't even been that long yet!  People go nuts over sequels that come out in less than a year — heads will roll!

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