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Yotsuba Live Drama Announced (with pictures included)

This was some surprising news this week as well — a live action Yotsubato! recently got the green light for a live-action drama this fall.  The news was announced over Kitagawa Eriko's twitter feed roughly five days ago.  Kitagawa Eriko is a writer who's worked on shows like Orange Days and Love Story.

The cast looks pretty solid, with the exception of Tazawa Arisu, the little girl playing Koiwai Yotsuba.  In the manga, Yotsuba is half Japanese, with blue eyes and green(!?) hair.  Tazawa doesn't quite fit the profile (even the writer was a little worried about that) but her audition charmed the studio enough to let her take the role.  She sounds promising.

I don't think an American could fit that bill (what with the Japanese language and all), but there's probably someone out there who has blue eyes and speaks Japanese, but I'll trust the casting directors on this one. 

However, I totally dig the fact that Hiroshi Abe is playing Jumbo, lol.  Jumbo is about 6' 11", and Hiroshi Abe is about 6' 2"…kind of a big difference, but I'm sure he can fill those shoes quite easily!  Whenever the show comes out, I'll be keeping an eye out for him too!

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