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Random twitter post of the day, by ZeroEW

Eu sou Maria Eduarda ( sou feliz com Jesus ) bonecopeuzinho 20 videos

Mind.  Blown.

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I just couldn’t resist…

SOUR ‘日々の音色 (Hibi no neiro)’

Okay so…you might have seen this already before way back last year.  This video (and subsequently this song) got playback from just about every site out on the internet, so if you missed it then, here it is again for your viewing pleasure.  I posted it myself back in July here on the blog.

So why bring it up again?  Well youtube of Japan posted the "best of 2009" awards, and this was the winner!  There were other really funny and interesting videos as well, but this one took the cake.  (On a side note: why are all these 2009 awards coming out in 2010?  It's already the new year!)

You can check out the full list of videos here.  Believe me, there are a TON.  I also want to point out this other video, which I thought was pretty damn cool m'self. 

Daichi for Beatbox Battle Wildcard

Pretty cool, no?  Anyway, check out the link for a bunch of other cool vids to help pass a slow Saturday!  Please go away, snow…

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Man, whoever thought of this is BRILLIANT.


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Is this the coolest music video ever?

SOUR ‘日々の音色 (Hibi no neiro)’

It certainly beats out that other youtube celebrity video out of the water for sure.  Great stuff!  The song is called 日々の音色 (Tone of Everyday) by Sour.  They sound just a tad bit like Radwimps; I wonder if that's the same singer?

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Another nendoroid figure is on the way!?  This time it's Zange-chan from Kannagi, with her trademark sign!  That's so awesome looking, haha!  I better start saving up money for it…

The kadokawa anime channel over at youtube recently put up episode 2 for the Melancholy of Haruhi-chan and Nyoron Churuya-san really quickly!  I remembered just watching episode 1 just a few days ago (it's already been taken down, I think).  Using a pseudo 3D on 2D style was a pretty nifty idea on their part, since it probably helps them pump out episodes much quicker.

The latest episode was much more entertaining than the previous, thank goodness.  I was worried they might've lost the charm from the original 4komas.  I especially loved Nagato-chi playing an eroge!  That was totally unexpected — so awesome!

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Holy crap, that is badass

Samsung Omnia (i900) Unboxing

Best quote: Oh look, tiny girls…I like that.

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Nico Douga might be in a little trouble.

Nico Nico Douga, the popular Japanese version of Youtube, has recently been branching out to other parts of the world by introducing Taiwanese, Spanish, and German language versions.  It would seem that they'd soon be opening up all over the globe, with an eventual English release here (hopefully). 

Google, and most definitely Youtube as well, have noticed this growth and have created a clone of the popular video-sharing service.

According to this article, it would appear that Google's acquistion of Omnisio's video platform will eventually roll out onto Youtube (another property of Google).  Instead of a variety of colored text floating by the screen, Omnisio uses bubble text that you can place anywhere on the screen.  Right now, you can see annoying annotations starting to appear on certain videos on Youtube that's sorta similar in vein with Omnisio. 

While its not too surprising that Google is copying ideas from other successful companies, the issue begs the question, "how will the community react?"  I'm sure everyone is familiar with the horrible, rude, and at-times insipid comments Youtube users flood on highly viewed videos.  What's gonna happen to children trying to watch a short clip on funny cats when they suddenly get bombarded with rude comments vomiting all over the screen?  Will Youtube screen these comments in favor for a cleaner environment?

Not likely, perhaps. 

And that will ultimately be the difference between Youtube and Nico Douga: the community. And I think Nico is winning in that department.

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